Some new equipment in the gym

We bought some new equipment for the gym. We had been looking for a GHD for a while, and finally pulled the trigger on a new GHD from Rep Fitness since they had just about the best price for an easy-to-adjust model. The main thing that drew me to the unit is that it has a bearing adjustment system that makes the footplate slide easily without any effort. When you’ve got a dozen people all using the same piece of equipment in one class, and they’re all different heights, you need to be able to adjust it quickly.



So far it’s been awesome to use and our athletes all love it. Very stable, quick to adjust, comfortable with a firm pad.


The most used CrossFit equipment in our gym

The most often used equipment in our gym is what we would recommend for any new CrossFit gym to get first.

1. Squat / Pullup Rig

A pull-up rig is a must for any CrossFit gym. If you start small, some squat racks with pull-up bars might get you by, but you’ll regret not investing in a rig up front. A rig allows you to have multiple athletes doing pull-ups at once, and the squat racks are strong enough to handle any weight.

The other benefit of a rig is that you’ll be able to expand it easily later on if you move into a bigger space or have more clients at your current space.

2. Good Barbells

You’re going to need good quality bars for CrossFit. Second-hand junk from Craigslist isn’t going to get it done because when you drop bumper plates, it puts a ton of strain on the bar and will cause lesser bars to bend.

The other reason you need a good bar is because the sleeve spin needs to be smooth enough to allow your athletes to perform Olympic lifts. A bar that locks up or doesn’t spin smoothly will result in a failed lift, or possibly injury, and the last thing you want is a member having to quit paying you $150/mo because you didn’t want to spend $300 on a bar.

3. Bumper Plates with Low Bounce

Our bumper plates are used every day.  We definitely recommend low bounce bumper plates in order to minimize the chance of injury to your clients. Recycled rubber plates bounce high which means you could see plates landing on feet, bars hitting shins, and chasing the bar all over the place.